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Here’s How You Can Get Pregnant Without Having Sex

Even if you’re not having sex, you might get pregnant.

According to the statistics, it’s unlikely to happen, but, there is still the risk of pregnancy depending where the pesky sperm ends up. The reality is that sperm can live outside the body, but their longevity depends on the warmth and moisture where they land. If the gunk land on the bed, they are a goner. However, if they land anywhere near your groin or creases on the skin, they tend to live longer.

There is still a risk of pregnancy even if you are not doing “it”!

If you don’t want to become pregnant then pay close attention to ejaculation as that is the culprit in knocking up girls. Watch closely whether the semen and vagina come in close contact.

Research says sperm can live in your vagina for up to five days and if it managed to swim its way to your egg, then you’ll get the good news soon.

Sperm can thrive in moist areas for up to five days until they dry up.

It’s the same logic behind the possibility of getting pregnant even if you have your period. Experts always advice to avoid sex even when the woman is having her menstruation saying that they can still get pregnant. The warmth and moisture are favorable for the sperm.

Red flag means risk. You shouldn’t even if you think it’s ok

While the chances are slim, there is always the first time. Your best option is to use some kind of birth control such as condom, pills, IUD.

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