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Woman’s Sleeping Positions Reveal Their Personality

We all have a favourite sleeping position, the one that helps us fall asleep easily and feel comfortable. However, did you know that there is a strong connection between a women’s sleeping position and her personality? Your sleeping habits and positions can say a lot about your personality. The following sleep positions indicate specific personality traits as well as understanding underlying stresses we may be facing.

#5 The Spread Out Position

Sleeping in the spread out position means that you’re definitely open and very social. Sleeping in this position tends to mean you have a welcoming personality. Sleeping with your hands tucked under the pillow can mean you can be very sensitive in certain situations.

#4 The Hugger Position

People that sleep in the hugger position tend to be very trustworthy. You’re usually the most reliable and honest from all your friends.

#3 The Flat Position

Sleeping in the flat position means you are very to yourself, and quite. Nothing wrong with being very observant, but they can definitely turn up if they have to.

#2 The Side Position

Sleeping in the side position usually means you are very calm and you are very trusting in other people. Sometimes a little to trusting.

#1 The Snorer

The worst of them all is the snorer, snorers usually tend to lack sleep and don’t sleep enough. Your body’s reaction to not being comfortable is to snore.


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