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10 Fake Things That Girls Secretly Use To Look Hot

Girls, always have their own ways of showing their beauty and intellect. Compared to men, they spend so much time and money on things that make them young and beautiful.

Nowadays, women can buy stuff that allow them to change their natural look significantly. Check out some of the fake products below:

#1. Fake Nipples

Women apply fake nipples on their, well, areola to astound others – most especially the men. This stuff is usually made of silicone and latex, though there are plastic ones.

#2. Fake Curvy Hips

Some women love to enhance their bottoms. While others resort to exercising, some opt for round pads. These give them either a round or thick curvy ass. And they also come in various sizes, allowing women to choose accordingly. They just need to slip it down on their underwear and voila, they now have a bottom similar to Nicki Minaj.

#3. Sweat-Blocking Night Wipes

For those ladies who suffer greatly from excessive sweat, then this is the perfect solution. It’s 100 percent safe and, if combined with a towelette, the results are far better. Women just need to use it before bed time, at least once a week.

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