11 Examples Of Japanese Etiquette That Would Drive Us Crazy

Every country has its code of conduct and personal preferences. And amongst other countries, Japan is tremendously famous for its unbelievably complex etiquette rules.

We’re going to share some of these with you.

Take a look:

#1. The Art Of Addressing People

Addressing people by their name is not enough in Japan. It is obligatory to add certain suffixes while addressing the people. Most people are acquainted with the usage of “san”, but it is not enough, there are more than that!

kun: Kun is generally used for a friend.

chan: It is primarily used for children, female family members, lovers, and close friends.

sama: It is the most respectful version (lord or honourable). Earlier, it was used to refer to lords and deities but now, it is also used as a sarcasm.

senpai: for addressing one’s elder colleagues or schoolmates.

kōhai: the opposite of senpai.

sensei: for addressing teachers, doctors, scientists, politicians, and other authority figures.

shi: for formal writing.

#2. Exchanging The Business Card

It is kind of a ritual, so you should to do it right. Make sure you’re standing facing each other, now offer the card using your both hands. The next thing you need to pay more attention is, if your rank is lower than your partner’s, hold the card lower than they do. Once, you’ve got the card, put it on the cardholder and don’t directly keep it inside, read it for a minute. And if you don’t have a cardholder, well, you’re screwed.

#3. The Elevator Rules

Though informal, still they have got elevator rules as well. If you’re the first person to enter an elevator, you’re the captain. Stand close to the control panel, stop the elevator until the very last person enters. And repeat so on each floor. You’ll obviously be the last one to exit the elevator. If you’re a tourist, then just don’t enter first!

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