11 Things You Should Never Do On An Airplane

While there are certain essential safety rules you need to know – and flight attendants will always make you aware of, however, there are also some more practical guidelines you should bear in mind, too.

Take a look at some things you should never, ever do on an airplane:

#1. Stay glued to your seat the entire flight

Travelling by airplane increases your chances of developing deep vein thrombosis or DVT, a clotting of the blood in your veins, however, this can be prevented with a short stroll or simple movements from your seat during your flight as well as by wearing loose clothing.

#2. Skip moisturizing

Airplanes are infamous for drying out your skin, so take pat on some moisturizer to avoid landing tight and itchy. Also consider wearing a light sunblock to protect against the sun rays coming through the windows.

#3. Guzzle fizzy drinks

Everyone has felt their ears pop on as cabin pressure changes during takeoff and landing, this can also lead to an expansion of gas within your body. Reduce the risk of feeling bloated by avoiding fizzy drinks (even that glass of champagne!)

#4. Overdo it with alcohol

Speaking of champagne, as tempting as it may be to knock back a glass or two to help you ease into the flight, drinking too much alcohol can turn into a nightmare. Onboard pressure makes you react to the effects of alcohol much faster, so you may feel (and act) much drunker after two glasses in the air than you would after a bottle on the ground.

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