The Mind-Bending Facts About Famous Historical Figures

#4. King Leonidas I in ’300′

King of Sparta Leonidas I, portrayed by Gerard Butler, was said to get famous because of his heroic death at the battle of Thermopylae. Other than that, there was nothing quite extraordinary he did in 10 years of his kingdom, as stated by historians. Hence the critics of the movie were against the brave and epic character of the king, which was not so true in real.

#5. Emperor Commodus In ’Gladiator’

The historical prototype of Emperor Commodus was completely different from the actor Joaquin Phoenix, who portrayed this figure. Not only this, the movie presented some incorrect details about the biography of Roman statesman. In reality, Commodus was the ruler of Rome for around 13 years, whereas, the movie portrayed his kingdom for only 2 years.

#6. William Wallace In ’Braveheart’

‘Braveheart’ was an award winning movie, which won five out of ten Academy Award nominations. Still, critics found some

impreciseness regarding the personality of William Wallace. The real William Wallace was a knight who came from a noble Scottish family, unlike Gibson’s character in the movie. Moreover, the two personalities doesn’t look alike.

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