Say Goodbye To Myths And Get To Know The Real Facts About Condoms

Sexual health awareness has taken a giant leap in recent times and people are much aware of what they should be doing when it comes to sexual wellness. However, there are still some myths about condoms that has been installed in people’s mind.

Majority of them know that condoms are necessary to prevent unplanned pregnancies and STDs that can be deadly.

However, there are some myths that should be eliminated from the minds right away and that is exactly what we intend to do. So, let’s get started with certain myths that you will be letting go today.

Myth 1: Condoms reduce natural lubrication.

This is not true. Most of the condoms come with silicone or some other kind of lubricant and hence there is no need to use Vaseline or a lubricant for better lubrication. In fact, excess of lubrication used with condom can dissolve it and cause tiny holes in them.

Myth 2: Less sensitivity.

 There is a belief that condoms can make a man less sensitive but the actual fact is that some condoms can make men more sensitive. For instance, the Durex feather light variant gives a very light feel, making men extra sensitive.

Myth 3: Condoms are not for oral sex.

If you think condoms are just for penetrative sex then you are wrong. You should be knowing that some STDs can spread during oral sex and hence you can use a condom for safety.

Myth 4: It is safe to use two condoms at a time.

It is not right because using two condoms at once can result in breakage because of the friction between both.

Myth 5: Buying condom is shameful.

It is more of a mentality problem than a myth. However, people should be treating it as any other medical product which is used for safety. There is absolutely nothing wrong in buying a condom or even talking about it.

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